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DIN Standards Committee Water Practice

DIN EN ISO 11296-4 [Withdrawn] referenced in following documents:

Document number Edition Title
DIN 18326 2019-09 German construction contract procedures (VOB) - Part C: General technical specifications in construction contracts (ATV) - Renovation works on drainage channels More 
DIN EN ISO 11296-7 2019-11 Plastics piping systems for renovation of underground non-pressure drainage and sewerage networks - Part 7: Lining with spirally-wound pipes (ISO 11296-7:2019); German version EN ISO 11296-7:2019 More 
DIN EN ISO 11297-4 2018-09 Plastics piping systems for renovation of underground drainage and sewerage networks under pressure - Part 4: Lining with cured-in-place pipes (ISO 11297-4:2018); German version EN ISO 11297-4:2018 More 
DWA-M 143-16 2019-09 Sanierung von Entwässerungssystemen außerhalb von Gebäuden - Teil 16: Reparatur von Abwasserleitungen und -kanälen durch Roboterverfahren More