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Wastewater engineering - Vocabulary

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Abwassertechnik - Grundbegriffe


With the publication of DIN EN 16323 "Glossary of wastewater engineering terms"; Trilingual version EN 16323:2014 in July 2014, uniform terms for wastewater engineering have been defined at European level in the three CEN languages German, English and French. This new European Standard will replace the previously valid EN 1085:1997-05 "Wastewater treatment - Vocabulary". The publication of European Subject and Terminology Standards in the field of wastewater engineering results in a requirement for all national standards committees of the European standards organization CEN to withdraw those national standards which conflict with the specifications of these European Standards. The European Standards are prepared by consensus of the European countries involved, so that not all specifications of a national standard can be transferred to a European Standard. The terms from DIN 4045:2003 "Wastewater engineering - Vocabulary", which were not included in the European Standard EN 16323, are still included in this edition. The definitions have been partially modified. In particular, an attempt has been made to correct the terms relating to rain and precipitation.

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NA 119-05-10 AA - Terminology in the field of wastewater engineering (CEN/TC 165/WG 30)  

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