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DIN 5079-1
Packaging - Boxes manufactured from solid fibre-board or corrugated board - Part 1: For cylindrical aluminium tubes

Title (German)

Packmittel - Schachteln aus Vollpappe oder Wellpappe - Teil 1: Für zylindrische Aluminiumtuben


This document applies for packagings of empty cylindrical aluminium tubes in boxes manufactured from solid fibre-board or corrugated board. It specifies the dimensions, tube arrangements and number of packages. The tubes are mechanically or manually packaged in horizontal or vertical format. The following amendments have been made with respect to DIN 5079-1:1992-12 which has been withdrawn in January 2007: a) normative references have been updated; b) update of the values in Tables 2, 3 and 4; c) International Patent Classification has been deleted; d) editorial revision and correction of the typing error from "Schlichtung" into "Schichtung". The revision has been carried out by Working Committee NA 115-02-08 AA "Tuben" ("Tubes") at the Packaging Standards Committee (NAVp).

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NA 115-02-08 AA - Tubes  

Edition 2011-05
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