NA 115

DIN Standards Committee Packaging

NA 115-02-07 AA
Paper, paper board and board for packaging

NA 115-02-07 AA “Paper, paper board and board for packaging“ is responsible for the standardization of packaging made of paper (including wrapping tissue), paper board, solid board and corrugated fibreboard. This includes the definition of requirements, tests, dimensions, tolerances, types of construction and forms of delivery, including the standardization of characteristics of different board materials (grades). Additive technologies (for example RFID tags) - for the use of which requirements are determined in order to secure the performance of the package (for example paper board boxes) - will be taken into account. NA 115-02-07 AA is the national mirror committee for - CEN/TC 172/WG 3 “Analytical methods for the assessment of paper and board in contact with foodstuffs” (partial mirroring function if due to the contents the packaging material has to meet certain requirements) - CEN/TC 261/SC 5 “Primary packaging and transport packaging” (partial mirroring function for standards and specifications on packaging made of paper, paper board and board). The committee is responsible for the formation of the German opinion and formulates German comments on European and international standardization projects of the above-mentioned committees. In addition proposals for European and international standardization projects will be elaborated and German experts will be nominated. Furthermore the committee is responsible for systematic reviews of national, European and international standards and specifications in its field of application.


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