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DIN ISO 6698
Cycles - Screw threads used to assemble freewheels on bicycles hubs (ISO 6698:1989)

Title (German)

Fahrräder - Gewinde für Zusammenbau von Freilaufzahnkränzen und Naben (ISO 6698:1989)


This International Standard specifies the thread profile and limits and tolerances for the screw threads used to assemble freewheels on bicycle hubs. It is based on: a) the use of the ISO basic thread profile given in ISO 68; b) satisfactory interchangeability with the corresponding British Standard Cycle (B.S.C.) thread; this has required the use of an inch pitch (t.p.i.); c) the use of screw thread tolerance grades and tolerance positions given in ISO 965-1; d) the use of gauges made to ISO 1502. The committee responsible for this standard is DIN Committee NA 112-06-02 AA "Fahrrad-Zubehör" ("Bicycle accessories").

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NA 112-06-02 AA - Bicycle accessories 

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