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DIN 13-51
ISO general purpose metric screw threads - Part 51: External screw threads for transition fits (former: screw threads for interference fit) - tolerances, limit deviations, limits of sizes

Title (German)

Metrisches ISO-Gewinde allgemeiner Anwendung - Teil 51: Außengewinde mit Übergangstoleranzfeld (früher Gewinde für Festsitz) - Toleranzen, Grenzabmaße, Grenzmaße


This standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 152-02-01 AA "Gewinde" ("Screw threads") of the Technical Fundamentals Standards Committee (NATG). It is the revised version of DIN 13-51:2005-08. This standard specifies the tolerance classes for external threads to be paired with internal threads of tolerance class "fine" (4H and 4H5H) as in DIN ISO 965-1. This pairing of threads aims to achieve an "interference fit". In comparison with DIN 13-51:2005-08, additional fine pitch threads have been added to Tables 2 and 4 and the designation in clause 5 has been slightly changed. Furthermore, Annex A has been withdrawn and a note concerning the interference fit has been added to the scope. In addition, the standard has been editorially revised.

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NA 152-02-01 AA - Screw threads 

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