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DIN Standards Committee Technical Fundamentals

DIN 13-7 [CURRENT] referenced in following documents:

Document number Edition Title
DIN 2174 2008-11 Cold-forming taps for ISO metric coarse pitch thread M2 to M39 and ISO metric fine pitch thread M3 × 0,25 to M52 × 4 - Dimensions More 
DIN 2285-1 2008-07 Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - "GO" screw ring gauges for ISO metric screw threads - Part 1: Nominal diameter from 1 mm up to 200 mm, general purpose More 
DIN 24550-1 2006-09 Fluid power - Hydraulic filters - Part 1: Definitions, nominal pressures, nominal sizes, fitting dimensions More 
DIN 30387 2007-06 Shouldered nuts - Metric fine thread, rounded acme thread More 
DIN 336 2003-07 Diameters of drills for minor diameters of tapped threads More 
DIN 3387-1 2008-11 Separable unthreaded pipe connections for metal gas pipes - Part 1: Connections for pipes with smooth ends More 
DIN 4755 2004-11 Oil firing installations - Technical regulation for oil firing installation (TRÖ) - Testing More 
DIN 89284 2007-09 Cap srews for mounting holes and glands according to DIN 89280; Text in German and English More 
VG 88773 2011-10 Glands for electrical cables - Assembly and application for cables with screen and sheath; Text in German and English More 
DIN 13-21 2005-08 ISO general purpose metric screw threads - Part 21: Limits of sizes for fine pitch threads with the preferred tolerance classes; Nominal diameter from 1 mm to 24,5 mm More