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DIN EN 14974
Facilities for users of roller sports equipment - Safety requirements and test methods; German version EN 14974:2006+A1:2010

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Anlagen für Benutzer von Rollsportgeräten - Sicherheitstechnische Anforderungen und Prüfverfahren; Deutsche Fassung EN 14974:2006+A1:2010


DIN EN 14974:2006+A1:2010 changes DIN EN 14974:2006-09 which specifies the requirements and test methods for skate facilities (structures) for use with inline-skates, roller skates, skateboards or similar roller sports equipments, as well as BMX cycles in unsupervised areas. Users of roller sports equipment and third parties (for example, spectators) shall be protected, as far as possible, from hazards when using a facility as intended or as can be reasonably expected. The standard contains requirements for materials, design and construction, safety zones, marking, information supplied by the manufacturer and information for users. In addition to general requirements, special requirements for twelve different skate facilities are specified. It is deliberate that not every possible shape or construction of skate facility has been included in the standard because the design of such facilities is subject to constant development. In spite of this, the general requirements of the standard still apply for these facilities. Special requirements for combinations of skate facilities have not been defined. This standard does not apply to bike-parcours (for instance, dirt tracks). It was assumed during the development of the standard that the use of facilities for users of roller sports equipment is connected with an increased risk. Nevertheless, sporting skills and the use of appropriate protective equipment and technically faultless skate facilities essentially reduce the risk of injury. In the introduction to the standard, it is also stated that for supervised practices (for instance, competitions or demonstrations) skate facilities having different dimensions than specified in the standard and thus also increased risks, are also acceptable within the frame of legal provisions (for example, regional building regulations). This amendment has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 136 "Sports, playground and other recreational facilities and equipment" in WG 12 "Facilities for users of roller sport equipment", the secretariat of which is held by DIN (Germany). The responsible German committee is Working Committee NA 112-07-02 AA "Skate-Einrichtungen" ("Skate-Facilities") of the Sports Equipment Standards Committee (NASport) at DIN.

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Responsible national committee

NA 112-07-02 AA - Skate- and Parkour-Facilities  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 136 - Sports, playground and other recreational facilities and equipment  

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