NA 112

DIN Standards Committee Sports Equipment

NA 112-07-02 AA -dormant
Skate- and Parkour-Facilities

The working committee is responsible for the standardization of skate facilities. The product standards are applicable to facilities for users of inline-skates, roller skates, skateboards or similar roller sports equipment as well as BMX cycles (hereinafter referred to as facility/facilities). These specifies general and specific requirements and test methods for facilities used in unsupervised areas. Important aspects are e.g. safety related requirements for characteristics, test methods, marking, serviceability and operation.

Subordinate Committees of NA 112-07-02 AA

Committee ID Name Sub-committees
NA 112-07-02-01 AK -dormant Skate-Facilities 0
NA 112-07-02-02 AK -dormant Parkour-Facilities 0


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