NA 112

DIN Standards Committee Sports Equipment

NA 112-01-09 AA
Ropes courses

The working group NA 112-01-09 AA "Rope courses" of the national Sports Equipment Standards Committee is responsible for the standardisation of stationary and mobile ropes courses for recreational activity, for training, pedagogical or therapeutic purposes and their operational use. Under this category also falls the standardisation of roping courses components and the qualification of personnel with safety related responsibilities. Important aspects of the standardisation of "Ropes courses" are e. g. fixing of terms, safety requirements of construction and anchorage, adequate carrying capacity, test methods, constitution of climbing structures, marking and instructions for inspection and maintenance and so on. The NASport also holds the office of the European working group CEN/TC 136/WG 15 "Ropes courses" and provides the chairman. Furthermore delegates of this committee represent the German interests in standardisation on European and international level, respectively.


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