NA 112

DIN Standards Committee Sports Equipment

NA 112-04-02 AA
Sports protective helmets

The working group NA 112-04-02 AA "Sports protective helmets" of the Sports Equipment Standards Committee is responsible for the standardisation of "Protective helmets" for sports activities regarding competitions, training and recreational activities. Under the category of protective helmets fall bicycle helmets and helmets for roller sports and equestrian activities, airborne sports, mountaineers, winter sports, canoeing, white water sports and for head protection of ice hockey players, etc.. The safety related standards are listed in the Directory 1 of ProdSG (law for safety of products). Important aspects of the standardisation of "Sports protective helmets" are e.g. safety related requirements, test methods and marking. Germany also holds the secretariat of the European working group CEN/TC 158/WG 6 "Airborne sports helmets" and nominates its convenor. Delegates of this committee represent the German standardisation interests on European and international level, respectively.


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