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DIN 15551-3
Radiation sensitive films - Cellulose nitrate film - Part 3: Terms and definitions, properties, utilization, storage

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Strahlungsempfindliche Filme - Zellhornfilm - Teil 3: Begriffe, Eigenschaften, Handhabung und Lagerung


Radiation sensitive films were also manufactured on cellulose nitrate substrates up to the late 1950s. However, the manufacture and the presentation of such films were already limited in many countries from 1931, and were forbidden in Germany from 1940. Nevertheless, there are still large quantities of cellulose nitrate films in archives and collections which are required to be stored up there under specified conditions until their recopying. This document is applicable for radiation sensitive films which do not correspond to the requirements according to DIN ISO 18906. It covers all cellulose nitrate films which were used in stationary and moving photography, in particular the "nitro-films" in cinematography. This standard contains information for safety measures to be observed while handling and storing such films. In 1976, the provisions concerning the processing of cellulose nitrate were summarized in the Fachbeilage Arbeitsschutz des Bundesarbeitsblattes ("Special industrial safety supplement of the Federal Labour Gazette") under the title "Zellhornrichtlinie" ("Cellulose nitrate directive"). It has expired in the meantime in the course of European legislation. The provisions of the "Cellulose nitrate directive" concerning occupational safety during handling of cellulose nitrate films and their storage to be specifically observed have therefore been incorporated into Annex B of this standard. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 149-00-01 AA "Fotografische Medien" ("Photographic media") at the Entertainment Technology, Photography and Cinematography Standards Committee (NVBF) at DIN.

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NA 149-00-03 AA - Production, playback and preservation of motion picture and sound  

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