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DIN 32533
Welding - Electron beam procedure for material processing - Beam parameter product - Measurement of the beam focus diameter and the divergence angle

Title (German)

Schweißen - Elektronenstrahlverfahren zur Materialbearbeitung - Strahlparameterprodukt - Messen des Strahlfokusdurchmessers und des Divergenzwinkels


The standard has been prepared by Joint committee NA 092-00-15 AA "Elektronenstrahlschweißen (DVS AG V 9.1)" ("Electron beam welding (DVS AG V 9.1)" at NAS. It specifies the measurement of the focus diameter to determine the beam parameter product and the divergence angle of an electron beam for material processing, in particular for welding.

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NA 092-00-15 AA - Electron beam welding (DVS AG V 9.1)  

Edition 2015-09
Original language German
Translation English
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