NA 092

DIN Standards Committee Welding and allied processes

NA 092-00-12 AA
Resistance welding (DVS AG V 3)

The committee NA 092-00-12 AA, Resistance welding (DVS AG V 3), elaborates in cooperation with the German welding society (DVS) standards and DVS-guidelines in the field of resistance welding for the subjects basic principles, equipment, examination of resistance welding joints and quality assurance.

Subordinate Committees of NA 092-00-12 AA

Committee ID Name Sub-committees
NA 092-00-12-01 AK -dormant Upset (resistance butt), flash welding and MIA-welding (DVS AG V 3.1) 0
NA 092-00-12-02 AK -dormant Resistance spot, projection and seam welding (DVS AG V 3.2) 0
NA 092-00-12-03 AK -dormant Resistance welding of coated metals (DVS AG V 3.4) 0
NA 092-00-12-05 AK -dormant Measurement and control (DVS AG V 3.6) 0
NA 092-00-12-06 AK -dormant Resistance welding equipment (DVS AG V 3.8) 0
NA 092-00-12-07 AK -dormant Testing of resistance welding joints (DVS AG V 3.9) 0


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