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About NARK

The DIN Standards Committee Rescue Services and Hospital (NARK) is responsible for the national standardization work and represents the German standardization interests at the European level (CEN) and at the International level (ISO) in the areas rescue services; hospital field, and medical technology.
The NARK covers the development of standards required for the organized rescue service to ensure smooth processing of medical treatment comprising the necessary equipment of vehicles used for land, water and air transports including their medical apparatus. By means of standardization for these fields of activities, a medical treatment conforming to the current state of scientific and technical knowledge in emergency medical aid, to medical-technical equipment as well as to automotive engineering technology shall be guaranteed. Furthermore, a transport of emergencies and other patients satisfying the medical needs is ensured.

The NARK is also concerned with the standardization of

  • vehicles and technical equipment for the transport of disabled persons,
  • terminology,
  • graphical symbols (pictograms),
  • modular systems,
  • organizational structures and procedures
  • as well as wall and equipment protection at hospitals.

The standardization work in the field of medical technology is focused on

  • anaesthetic and respiratory equipment,
  • tracheal tubes,
  • laryngoscopes,
  • central gas supply equipment
  • and pressure chambers for hyperbaric therapy.

The standardization work in these fields is closely linked with the work of the DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE.

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New projects
Document number Begin Title
ISO 10542-1 DAM 1 2020-02-10 (Annexes K, L, M) More  Comment 
ISO/WD 80601-2-88 2020-02-06 Medical electrical equipment - Part 2-88: Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of equipment for infant cardiorespiratory monitors More  Comment 
DIN EN ISO 16628 2019-12-23 Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment - Tracheobronchial tubes (ISO/DIS 16628:2020); German and English version prEN ISO 16628:2020 More  Comment 

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Current Draft Standards
Document number Edition Title
DIN EN ISO 10079-4 2020-04 Medical suction equipment - Part 4: General requirements (ISO/DIS 10079-4:2020); German and English version prEN ISO 10079-4:2020 More 
DIN 13063 2020-04 Hospital cleaning - Requirements for cleaning or disinfection cleaning in hospitals and other health care facilities More 
DIN EN ISO 15002/A2 2020-02 Flow-metering devices for connection to terminal units of medical gas pipeline systems (ISO 15002:2008/DAM 2:2019); German and English version EN ISO 15002:2008/prA2:2019 More  Read draft and comment

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Document number Edition Procedure Title
DIN CEN/TS 14507-2 2003-08 VN Inhalational nitric oxide systems - Part 2: Supply systems; German version CEN/TS 14507-2:2003 More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN CEN/TS 14507-1 2003-08 VN Nitric oxide inhalational systems - Part 1: Delivery systems; German version CEN/TS 14507-1:2003 More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN-Fachbericht 119 2002 Technical Report General guidance on the equipment used for inhaled nitric oxide therapy; German version CR 13903 More  Order from Beuth Verlag


New standards
Document number Edition Title
DIN EN ISO 5356-2 2020-04 Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment - Conical connectors - Part 2: Screw-threaded weight-bearing connectors (ISO 5356-2:2012 + Amd.1:2019); German version EN ISO 5356-2:2012 + A1:2019 More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN EN ISO 20789 2020-02 Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment - Passive humidifiers (ISO 20789:2018); German version EN ISO 20789:2019 More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN EN ISO 27427 2020-02 Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment - Nebulizing systems and components (ISO 27427:2013); German version EN ISO 27427:2019 More  Order from Beuth Verlag

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