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DIN's Standards Committee for Organizational Processes (NAOrg) is responsible for standardization in the field of organizational processes at national, European and international level. The standards and specifications developed by the committee include management system standards where they are not specific to a certain area or discipline and have not been or cannot be allocated to existing standards committees.

NAOrg is also responsible for strategic and technical coordination of standardization activities within DIN that deal with organizational processes and management systems, including the assessment and allocation of new fields of technical activity in this area.  

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DIN e. V.

Reiner Hager

Am DIN-Platz
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10787 Berlin

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New projects
Document number Begin Title
ISO/AWI 22336 2021-10-08 Security and resilience - Organizational resilience - Resilience policy formulation and strategy implementation More  Comment 
DIN ISO 45002 2021-09-17 Occupational health and safety management systems - General guidelines for the implementation of ISO 45001:2018 (ISO 45002); Text in German More  Comment 
ISO/AWI TS 37008 2021-09-02 Internal Investigations of Organizations - Guidance More  Comment 

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New publications
Document number Edition Procedure Title
DIN ISO 37301 2021-11 Standard Compliance management systems - Requirements with guidance for use (ISO 37301:2021) More  Order from Beuth Verlag
ISO 44004 2021-10 Standard Collaborative business relationship management - Guidelines for large organizations seeking collaboration with micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) More  Order from Beuth Verlag
ISO 37000 2021-09 Standard Governance of organizations - Guidance More  Order from Beuth Verlag

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