• Hydrogen Technologies Norms and standards form the basic framework for market ramp-up

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  • Climate change Standards and specifications support climate targets

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  • Smart Farming Standards and specifications are drivers for the digitalization of agriculture

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Projects of NA 001-03-12 AA

ISO/AWI 5349-3 2023-12-18 Mechanical vibration - Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to hand-transmitted vibration - Part 3: Isolated and repeated shocks using the frequency range of ISO 5349-1 More  Comment 
ISO/AWI TS 22270 2023-08-28 Mechanical vibration - Practical guidance for the monitoring and measurement of hand-transmitted vibration on the hand, wrist or forearm More  Comment 
DIN 45660-2 2023-06-15 Uncertainty in acoustics and vibration - Part 2: Uncertainty of vibration quantities More  Comment