NA 173

DIN Standards Committee Principles of Standardization

Standards [Withdrawn]

DIN 820-3
Standardization - Part 3: Terms and definitions

Title (German)

Normungsarbeit - Teil 3: Begriffe


The document contains the terms that go beyond DIN EN 45020 for the German body of standards. This standard differs from DIN 820-3:2010-07 as follows: a) Clause 1 has been expanded to standardization work; b) in the German original the term "Organ des DIN" has been changed to "Normungsorgan des DIN" (the English translation of this term, "body of DIN" or "DIN body", has not been changed); c) in Clause 2 a new introductory text is used; d) all notes to terms and definitions are now designated as "Note×to entry"; e) in 3.2.12 "Note 1 to entry": the word "businesses" has been changed to "companies"; f) in 3.2.15 the expression "draft standards and standards" has been changed to "drafts and normative documents"; g) in 3.3.18 a new concept, "instead of notice", has been added; h) editorial changes have been made to 3.6; i) in 3.6.4, Note 2 to entry, the term "ohne Ersatz" in the German original has been changed to "ersatzlos" (the English translation of this term, "without replacement", has not been changed); j) in 3.6.6, the Note 1 to entry has been changed to reflect the introduction of the new concept in 3.3.18, "instead of notice", and at Note 2 to entry the case where there is no interchangeability for the intended superseding document has been added; k) in 3.6.7 notes have been added regarding the start of the public enquiry period for drafts and for the manuscript procedure; l) the Richtlinie für Normenausschüsse im DIN (Guidelines for Standards Committees in DIN) has been added to the Bibliography. The responsible standardization committee is Working Committee NA 173-00-02 AA "Gestaltung von Normen" ("Presentation of standards") at the Principles of Standardization Standards Committee (NAGLN).

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NA 173-00-01 AA - Standardization principles  

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