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Standardization - Part 15: Implementation of ISO and IEC international documents - Presentation of documents


DIN 820-15 specifies rules for the structure and drafting of DIN documents, in which ISO or IEC documents are generally adopted in German translation only, in special cases with additional inclusion of one or all original languages or, in justified individual cases, in the original English version only. The provisions of this document apply to the following ISO or IEC documents: International Standards (ISO or IEC), Technical Specifications (TS), Technical Reports (TR), System Reference Documents (SRD), Publicly Available Specification (PAS) and Guides. They are adopted by DIN as standards, technical specifications, technical reports, supplements or publications. Adoption options are listed in Table A.1. This document also applies to the adoption of electronic versions of documents published by ISO or IEC. The responsible body is the working committee NA 173-00-02 AA "Design of standards" in the DIN Standards Committee Fundamentals of Standardization Work (NAGLN).



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DIN 820-15

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NA 173-00-02 AA - Presentation of standards  

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Standardization - Part 15: Implementation of ISO and IEC international documents - Presentation of documents

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