NA 032

DIN Standards Committee Gas Technology

Hydrogen in energy systems

Standardization in the field of systems, devices and connections for the production, storage, transport and distribution, measurement and use of hydrogen from renewable energy sources and other sources, in the context of the European strategy for the development and acceptance of the hydrogen market. The scope includes cross cutting items such as: terminology, Guarantee of Origin, interfaces, operational management, relevant hydrogen safety issues, training and education. Excluded are: - Storage and transport of liquid hydrogen which is covered in the scope of CEN/TC 268. - Storage and transport of compressed hydrogen which is covered in the scope of CEN/TC 23. - Vehicle refueling stations and associated equipment and procedures as related to the standardization Request M/533. - The injection of hydrogen and the mixture of hydrogen with natural gas (H2NG) in the gas infrastructure, which is covered in the scope of CEN/TC 234. - The use of mixtures of natural gas with hydrogen (H2NG).

National mirror committee of CEN/CLC/JTC 6

Committee ID Name
NA 032-03-06 AA Hydrogen technology