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DIN EN 13306
Maintenance - Maintenance terminology; Trilingual version EN 13306:2010

Title (German)

Instandhaltung - Begriffe der Instandhaltung; Dreisprachige Fassung EN 13306:2010


This standard specifies generic terms and definitions for the technical, administrative and managerial areas of maintenance. It is not applicable to terms which are used for the maintenance of software only. Maintenance provides an essential contribution to the functional safety of an item. Correct and formal definitions are required which will give the users of other associated maintenance standards a fuller understanding of the maintenance terms used. These terms may be of particular importance in the formulation of maintenance contracts. The terms contained in this standard indicate that maintenance is not confined to the technical actions alone but includes other activities such as planning and documentation handling. The standard IEC 60050-191 has been used as a basis for the preparation of this standard but some terms have been modified. Not all terms specified in IEC 60050-191 are included in this standard. This standard is intended to replace DIN EN 13306:2001. With respect to DIN EN 13306:2001, the terms and definitions in clause 2 to clause 11 have been revised; Annex A to Annex C have been revised and adapted to the state of the art, many terms and definitions have been added, some terms and definitions have been deleted, Annexes D and E have been added. The European Standard has been prepared by CEN/TC 319 "Maintenance". On the national level the Committee responsible for the preparation of this standard is Working Committee NA 152-06-07 AA "Instandhaltung" ("Maintenance") of NATG.

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Responsible national committee

NA 159-04-01 AA - Maintenance  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 319/WG 4 - Terminology  

Edition 2010-12
Original language German , English , French
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