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DIN Standards Committee Dentistry

NA 014-00-01 AA
Filling materials

This Working Committee is preoccupied with resin-based filling materials, dental luting cements, bases and liners, sealants and endodontic materials. Comprehensive ring tests and scientific studies at national and international levels are essential to adequate handling of international standardization projects. The Working Committee rejects use of silver points for root canal filling and has decided to submit the case at an international level when it comes to revision of ISO 6877. Silver points had been used in the past because of the oligodynamic action of silver. Their use without lasting sealant of high density or with porous or leaky sealant may lead to their corrosion within the root canal as soon as coronal leakage occurs (reinfection) or in the presence of contact between silver pin and oral fluid or other tissue fluid. Such phenomena may result in massive apical lesion.

Subordinate Committees of NA 014-00-01 AA

Committee ID Name Sub-committees
NA 014-00-01-02 AK -dormant Polymerization shrinkage 0
NA 014-00-01-03 AK -dormant Post and cores 0
NA 014-00-01-04 AK -dormant Powered polymerization activators 0


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