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DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering

DIN EN 12354-6 [CURRENT] referenced in following documents:

Document number Edition Title
DIN 18041 2016-03 Acoustic quality in rooms - Specifications and instructions for the room acoustic design More 
VDI 2569 2019-10 Sound protection and acoustical design in offices More 
VDI 3755 2015-01 Sound insulation and sound absorption of suspended ceilings More 
WTA Merkblatt 8-1 ; WTA Merkblatt 8-1-14/D:2014-09 2014-09 Restoration of half-timbered buildings according to WTA I: Requirements for half-timbered buildings with respect to building physics More 
WTA Merkblatt 8-11 ; WTA Merkblatt 8-11-16/D:2016-09 2016-09 Réparation de constructions en colombage suivant WTA XI: Lutte contre le bruit dans les constructions en colombage More