NA 005

DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering


DIN V 4108-6
Thermal protection and energy economy in buildings - Part 6: Calculation of annual heat and energy use

Title (German)

Wärmeschutz und Energie-Einsparung in Gebäuden - Teil 6: Berechnung des Jahresheizwärme- und des Jahresheizenergiebedarfs



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Responsible national committee

NA 005-12-01 GA - Joint working committee NABau/FNL/NHRS: Energy efficiency of buildings (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 371, CEN/TC 371/WG 1, ISO/TC 163/WG 3, ISO/TC 163/WG 4, ISO/TC 163/SC 2/WG 15) 

Edition 2003-06
Original language German
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