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DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering

DIN 4102-1 [CURRENT] references following documents:

Document number Edition Title
DIN ISO 4783-2 1996-10 Industrial wire screens and woven wire cloth - Guide to the choice of aperture size and wire diameter combinations - Part 2: Preferred combinations for woven wire cloth; identical with ISO 4783-2:1989 More 
DIN 4102-14 1990-05 Fire behaviour of building materials and elements; determination of the burning behaviour of floor covering systems using a radiant heat source More 
DIN 4102-15 1990-05 Fire behaviour of building materials and elements "Brandschacht" More 
DIN 4102-2 1977-09 Fire Behaviour of Building Materials and Building Components; Building Components; Definitions, Requirements and Tests More 
DIN 50050-1 1986-04 Testing of materials; burning behaviour of materials; small burning cabinet More 
DIN 50051 1977-02 Testing of Materials; Burning Behaviour of Materials; Burner More 
DIN 50055 1989-03 Light measuring system for testing smoke development More 
DIN 53438-1 1984-06 Testing of combustible materials; response to ignition by a small flame; general data More