NA 005

DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering

Technical Specification

DIN/TS 20000-203
Use of building products in construction works - Part 203: Application document for flexible sheets for waterproofing complying with European product standards for use as waterproofing sheets for concrete bridges and other concrete structures trafficable by vehicles

Title (German)

Anwendung von Bauprodukten in Bauwerken - Teil 203: Anwendungsdokument für Abdichtungsbahnen nach europäischen Produktnormen zur Verwendung für Abdichtungen von Betonbrücken und anderen Verkehrsbauwerken aus Beton



Responsible national committee

NA 005-02-96 AA - Waterproofing of concrete bridge decks and other trafficked surfaces (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 254/WG 6) 

Edition 2021-03
Original language German
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