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DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering

DIN EN 12350-7 [CURRENT] referenced in following documents:

Document number Edition Title
DIN 18088-5 2020-10 Structures for wind turbines and platforms - Part 5: Joints between steel structures and concrete structures More 
DIN 18316 2019-09 German construction contract procedures (VOB) - Part C: General technical specifications in construction contracts (ATV) - Road construction - Surfacings with hydraulic binders More 
BAW Beton, Entmischungssensibilität; MESB:2019-11 2019-11 Entmischungssensibilität von Beton (MESB) More 
ZEMENT-MERKBLATT B 9 2020-01 Expositionsklassen für Betonbauteile im Geltungsbereich des EC2 More