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DIN EN 998-2
Specification for mortar for masonry - Part 2: Masonry mortar; German version EN 998-2:2016

Title (German)

Festlegungen für Mörtel im Mauerwerksbau - Teil 2: Mauermörtel; Deutsche Fassung EN 998-2:2016


This European Standard specifies requirements for factory-made masonry mortars (bedding, jointing and pointing) for use in masonry walls, columns and partitions (for example, facing and rendered masonry, load bearing or non-load bearing masonry structures for buildings and civil engineering works). This European Standard defines for fresh mortar the performance related to workable life, chloride content, air content, density and correction time (for thin-layer mortar only). For hardened mortar it defines, for example, performance related to compressive strength, bond strength, density measured according to the corresponding test methods contained in separate European Standards. This European Standard provides for the assessment and verification of constancy of performance (AVCP) of the product to this European Standard. The marking requirement for products covered by this European Standard is included. This European Standard covers masonry mortars defined in Clause 3 with the exception of site made mortar. However, this European Standard or part of this European Standard may be used in conjunction with codes of application and national specifications covering site made mortar. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 005-06-03 AA "Mauermörtel (Sp CEN/TC 125/WG 2)" ("Rendering and plastering mortar (Mirror Committee of CEN/TC 125/WG 2)") at DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering (NaBau).

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Responsible national committee

NA 005-06-03 AA - Masonry mortar (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 125/WG 2)  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 125/WG 2 - Mortar  

Edition 2017-02
Original language German
Translation English
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