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DIN 4103-1
Internal non-loadbearing partitions - Part 1: Requirements and verification

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Nichttragende innere Trennwände - Teil 1: Anforderungen und Nachweise


This standard is applicable for internal non-loadbearing partitions (hereinafter referred to as partitions). This standard does not apply to internal partitions that remove scheduled vertical building loads or are used for building restraint. This standard can also be used for internal partitions with a fall-arresting function. This standard does not apply to movable partitions which can be moved horizontally and/or vertically (for example, sliding and folding walls). If the walls are not vertical, the peculiarities resulting from the inclination shall be taken into account. This standard is a generic standard. Design-specific requirements are included in the relevant technical standards, if necessary, so that separate evidence according to the requirements of this standard is no longer required. Specific application-related requirements (such as for sound insulation or fire behaviour) are contained in special technical standards, if required. This document has been prepared by Working Committee NA 005-09-65 AA "Leichte Trennwände (DIN 4103)" ("Lightweight loadbearing partitions (DIN 4103)") at the DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering (NABau).

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NA 005-09-65 AA - Lightweight loadbearing partitions (DIN 4103) 

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