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DIN 18195-5
Water-proofing of buildings - Part 5: Water-proofing against non-pressing water on floors and in wet areas, design and execution

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Bauwerksabdichtungen - Teil 5: Abdichtungen gegen nichtdrückendes Wasser auf Deckenflächen und in Nassräumen, Bemessung und Ausführung


The revision of the DIN 18195 standard series has become necessary, amongst others, due to the new European product standards, which affect in particular DIN 18195-2. As a result, this standard has been adapted to the European product standards in connection with the application standard DIN V 20000-202. Amendment A1:2011 has been incorporated into this edition. The start and finish of text introduced or altered by amendment are indicated in the text by tags. Complete incorporation of "new" materials in accordance with DIN 18195-2:2009-04, Tables 7, 8 and 9, for the scope of Part 5 takes place in DIN 18531 and the successor standards to DIN 18195. This standard applies for the water-proofing of horizontal and inclined planes, outdoors and in the soil, and of wall and floor areas in wet areas, with bitumen sheeting and bitumen mass, plastic and rubber sheets, metal tapes, mastic asphalt, polymer modified bituminous thick coatings and for materials necessary for their installation according to DIN 18195-2 against non-pressing water, that is against water in drippable liquid form, for example, surface, seepage or service water putting no or only low hydrostatic pressure on the water-proofing. In this context, the standard also applies for water-proofing under intensively landscaped building areas with a water saving system up to 100 mm high, if the design of the water-proofing and its connections and endings of the prevailing special water load is taken into account. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 005-02-13 AA "Bauwerksabdichtungen (SpA zu CEN/TC 314)" ("Water-proofing of buildings (Mirror Committee of CEN/TC 314)") at DIN.

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NA 005-02-13 AA - Mastic asphalt for waterproofing structures in contact with the ground (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 314)  

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