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DIN 4085
Subsoil - Calculation of earth-pressure

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Baugrund - Berechnung des Erddrucks


This standard is applicable to the calculation of earth-pressure on construction works. The earth-pressure assessments contained relate to the planar and spatial cases for the active and passive limit state and for the states of stress in-between. The rules incorporated in the standard allow for a unified procedure possible for earth-pressure assessments in constructional calculations. They contain appropriate simplifications necessary to the state of knowledge. The calculation methods contained in this standard are independent of the safety concept. They can therefore be used analogously both in relation to the global safety concept as well as the safety concept in accordance with DIN 1054 on the basis of partial safety coefficients. This document contains DIN 4085:2007-10, which has been modified by DIN 4085 Corrigendum 1:2008-11 and Amendment A1. The standard does not apply for construction works using mining techniques. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 005-05-04 AA "Baugrund; Berechnungsverfahren" ("Subsoil; calculation methods") at DIN.

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NA 005-05-04 AA - Ground; calculation procedures 

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