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DIN 18123
Soil, investigation and testing - Determination of grain-size distribution

Title (German)

Baugrund, Untersuchung von Bodenproben - Bestimmung der Korngrößenverteilung


This standard is used in earthworks, waterworks and road works and serves as a basis for the identification and classification of soils (see DIN EN ISO 14688-1 and DIN 18196). This standard specifies 3 methods for determination of the grain-size distribution of soils. The grain-size distribution describes the soil on the basis of geometric expansion of its components and its mass fractions. It serves as a foundation for the assessment and application criteria of soils. It allows conclusions to be drawn about certain soil-mechanical characteristics. The Committee responsible for the standard is NA 005-05-03 AA "Baugrund; Laborversuche (SpA zu CEN/TC 341/WG 6)" ("Laboratory tests on soils (Mirror Committee of CEN/TC 341/WG 6)") at DIN.

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NA 005-05-03 AA - Laboratory tests on soils (national mirror committee for parts of CEN/TC 341, CEN/TC 396 and ISO/TC 182/WG 10 and WG 13)  

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