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DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering

DIN EN 1992-1-2 [CURRENT] referenced in following documents:

Document number Edition Title
DIN EN 1992-1-2/NA 2010-12 National Annex - Nationally determined parameters - Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures - Part 1-2: General rules - Structural fire design More 
DIN SPEC 18230-4 2015-09 Structural fire protection in industrial buildings - Part 4: Fire exposure More 
DIN 4102-4 2016-05 Fire behaviour of building materials and building components - Part 4: Synopsis and application of classified building materials, components and special components More 
DIN4102-4/DIN4108T3,4,10/DIN18065Bek HA 2018-08-21 Bekanntmachung der DIN-Normen 4102-4:2016-05, 4108-3:2014-11, 4108-4:2017-03, 4108-10:2015-12 und 18065:2015-03 More 
DIN SPEC 18140 2012-02 Supplementary provisions to DIN EN 1536:2010-12, Execution of special geotechnical works - Bored piles More 
DIN 18335 2016-09 German construction contract procedures (VOB) - Part C: General technical specifications in construction contracts (ATV) - Steel construction works More 
DIN 19901 2012-12 Installations for separation for light liquids and greases - Verification of structural stability and steadiness More 
DIN 4118 2018-12 Headgears and winding towers for mines - Design loads, calculating- and construction principles More 
DIN 4223-102 2014-12 Application of prefabricated reinforced components of autoclaved aerated concrete - Part 102: Application of components in structures More 
DWA-A 143-2 2015-07 Sanierung von Entwässerungssystemen außerhalb von Gebäuden - Teil 2: Statische Berechnung zur Sanierung von Abwasserleitungen und -kanälen mit Lining- und Montageverfahren More