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DIN EN 1994-2/NA
National Annex - Nationally determined parameters - Eurocode 4: Design of composite steel and concrete structures - Part 2: General rules and rules for bridges

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Nationaler Anhang - National festgelegte Parameter - Eurocode 4: Bemessung und Konstruktion von Verbundtragwerken aus Stahl und Beton - Teil 2: Allgemeine Bemessungsregeln und Anwendungsregeln für Brücken


This standard constitutes the National Annex to DIN EN 1994-2 "Eurocode 4: Design of composite steel and concrete structures - Part 2: General rules and rules for bridges". The European Standard EN 1994-2 allows for a number of issues specifications for national safety parameters. This National Annex contains the national determined parameters (NDP) which may be added to the clauses given in DIN EN 1994-2:2006-07. Furthermore, this National Annex contains non-contradictory complementary information (NC) about the application of DIN EN 1994-2:2006-07. The status of the applicability of Annex C of DIN EN 1994-2:2006-07 has been specified. The standard DIN EN 1994-2/NA has been prepared by Mirror Committee NA 005-08-99 AA "Verbundbau" ("Composite construction") of NABau.

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NA 005-08-99 AA - Composite structures (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 250/SC 4)  

Edition 2010-12
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