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DIN 18516-1
Cladding for external walls, ventilated at rear - Part 1: Requirements, principles of testing

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Außenwandbekleidungen, hinterlüftet - Teil 1: Anforderungen, Prüfgrundsätze


This standard applies to rear-ventilated cladding for external walls with and without background, including anchoring, connection and fixings. It specifies design, calculation and construction principles for permanent structures. The standard is not applicable to - seperating elements and their components, for instance trapezoidal sheeting according to DIN 18807 and curtain walling according to DIN EN 13830 - cladding for external walls made from small-format or board format façade elements, which are fixed according to general technical rules (such as recognized and approved trade rules) - thermal insulating composite systems - cladding fixed with mortar according to DIN 18515-1 and -2. The term "cladding for external walls, ventilation at rear" is synonymous with the term "work on back-ventilated curtain walling". The Committee responsible for this standard is Working Committee NA 005-09-31 AA "Außenwandbekleidungen, hinterlüftet; Anforderungen; Prüfgrundsätze" ("Cladding for external walls, ventilated at rear; requirements, principles of testing") of NABau.

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NA 005-09-31 AA - Cladding for external walls, ventilated at rear, requirements, principles for testing  

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