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Service Interface for Real Time Information (SIRI) - Part 7: Passenger Real-Time Information European Profile


The main objective of this WI is to define a SIRI Passenger Real-Time Information European profile: • To identify a minimum subset of SIRI with codification rules and constraints for a European level plug and play exchange of real-time passenger information data between organisations at a European level • To reflect already existing NeTEx profiles defined at national level (Norway, France, Sweden, etc.). • To maintain a relevant real-time information dataset, as small and simple as possible, to ensure interoperability is maximised while at the same time enabling exchange of supplementary national real-time data that will not interfere with the core international dataset • To complement the EPIP (NeTEx European Passenger Information Profile) with real-time passenger information • To establish quality assessment procedures for implementing validation and quality assessment tools - including compliance checking rules - necessary to fulfil the requirement of the Commission This profile will complement the NeTEx Passenger information profile and NeTEx Accessibility profile (under drafting) in order to get a set of consistent European profiles fulfilling the requirements of the Priority Action "A" of the ITS Directive.





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DIN CEN/TS 15531-7

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