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DIN EN 16789
Ambient air - Biomonitoring with Higher Plants - Method of the standardized tobacco exposure; German version EN 16789:2016

Title (German)

Außenluft - Biomonitoring mit Höheren Pflanzen - Verfahren der standardisierten Tabak-Exposition; Deutsche Fassung EN 16789:2016


This European Standard applies to the determination of the impact of ground-level ozone on a bioindicator plant species (tobacco Nicotiana tabacum cultivars Bel-W3, Bel-B and Bel-C) in a given environment. The present document specifies the procedure for setting-up and use of a system designed to expose these plants to ambient air. It also describes the procedure for leaf injury assessment. The results of standardized tobacco exposure indicate ozone-induced damage to exposed bioindicators and thus allow determination of the spatial and temporal distribution of the effect of ozone on plants.

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Responsible national committee

NA 134-03-03-01 UA - Impact of air pollution on higher plants  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 264/WG 30 - Ambient air – Biomonitoring with flowering plants  

Edition 2016-12
Original language German
Translation English
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