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DIN 20597
Suspended monorails for mining - Toothed disc for roller fairleads - Dimensions, materials

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Einschienenhängebahnen für den Bergbau - Scheibe mit Verzahnung für Rollenböcke - Maße, Werkstoffe


Toothed discs are used in cable-driven suspended monorails as fixing and adjusting elements for the rope guide pulleys attached to the roller fairleads on the empty side. The discs are used in pairs and function in combination with the mounting screw. In the early days of monorails, each of the roller fairlead manufacturers had their own toothed disc design for the connection of rope return rollers with roller fairheads. Since, on the one hand, the system of all discs in use cannot be replaced by another mining component due to the adjustment variance, while on the other hand, the encounter of different designs is unavoidable and therefore relevant to safety, the parties involved agreed upon the design in accordance with this standard. The standard has been prepared by NA 008-05-02 AA "Einschienenhängebahnen" ("Suspended monorails") of FABERG.

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NA 087-00-18-05 UA - Mine railways and suspended monorails  

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