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DIN 55656
Paints and varnishes - Scratch test using a hardness pen

Title (German)

Beschichtungsstoffe - Kratzprüfung mit einem Härteprüfstab


This standard specifies a method for determining the resistance of a coating against scratching by using a hand-held, loaded burin. The test can be performed with a ball burin (method A) or with a disk burin (method B). Both methods are generally applicable and can also be used in the field and on curved surfaces. Method A is also applicable for small samples (minimum format 30 mm×50 mm). The test can be performed as a "yes/no" test (test specification I) or as a classification test (test specification II). The committee responsible for this standard is NA 002-00-07-14 AK "Haftfestigkeit und Härte" ("Adhesive strength and hardness") at DIN.

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NA 002-00-07-14 AK - Adhensive strength and hardness 

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