NA 055

DIN Standards Committee Laboratory Devices and Installations

ISO/TC 336
Laboratory design

Standardization in the field of laboratory design including site selection, design of space and integration of services with the objective to provide functional, safe, energy efficient and sustainable laboratories considering the health and wellbeing of laboratory users, environmental impact, the practical division of experimental and support areas and layouts plus model selection of integrated laboratory equipment.

It includes standardization of apparatus and devices for personnel safety, health, environmental protection, and energy saving that are an integral part of the laboratory.

Standardization of devices and furniture for laboratory purposes, with respect to principles of construction, performance, dimensions and testing are covered by ISO/TC 48 and are excluded from the scope of ISO/TC 336.


  • ISO/TC 48 (Laboratory equipment);
  • ISO/TC 212 (Clinical laboratory testing and in vitro diagnostic test systems);
  • CASCO;
  • IEC/TC 66 (Safety of measuring control and laboratory equipment);
  • ISO/TC 209 (Clean rooms).

National mirror committee of ISO/TC 336

Committee ID Name
NA 055-02-05 GA Joint working committee FNLA/NQSZ: Planning, building and operation of laboratories