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Documents withdrawn without replacement of NA 055

Number: 6

DIN 12600 2022-01-31 Laboratory volumetric instruments; conformity testing and certification More  Comment 
DIN 12404 2022-01-31 Laboratory glassware; gas inlet tubes More  Comment 
DIN 12664-2 2022-01-31 Laboratory glassware; one-mark volumetric flasks, flasks with glass round thread More  Comment 
DIN 12621 2022-01-31 Colour marking of pipettes; arrangements, dimensions, characterizing colours More  Comment 
DIN 12688 2022-01-31 Laboratory glassware; two-mark pipettes, adjusted to contain More  Comment 
DIN 12687 2022-01-31 Laboratory glassware; one-mark pipettes, adjusted to contain More  Comment