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DIN 5032-7
Photometry - Part 7: Classification of illuminance meters and luminance meters

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Lichtmessung - Teil 7: Klasseneinteilung von Beleuchtungsstärke- und Leuchtdichtemessgeräten


This standard specifies a system of classifying illuminance meters and luminance meters, and thus enables a description of their quality by means of a single criterion - the photometer class. For this purpose, the standard selects the relevant characteristics of photometers as specified in DIN EN 13032-1, describes the method of calculating the total characteristic, specifies the class limits, and names the individual classes. This document has been prepared by Working Committee NA 058-00-03 AA "Photometrie" ("Photometry") at DIN Standards Committee Lightning Technology (FNL).

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NA 058-00-03 AA - Photometry  

Edition 2017-02
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