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DIN 5032-9
Photometry - Part 9: Measurement of the photometric quantities of incoherent emitting semiconductor light sources

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Lichtmessung - Teil 9: Messung der lichttechnischen Größen von inkohärent strahlenden Halbleiterlichtquellen


This standard applies to optical measurements of semiconductor light sources insofar as they emit incoherent optical radiation. Semiconductor light sources for the purpose of this standard are individual electroluminescent diodes (light emitting diodes) of the LED (inorganic) and OLED (organic) types as well as combinations of several objects of the same type in various two- or three-dimensional structures that are differentiated here and specified by name as arrays, clusters, modules, lamps and lights. In particular the geometrical arrangements, the electrical and thermal operating conditions and measurement of the values of photometric, colorimetric and spectral radiometric quantities are treated. In this standard new measured variables and associated measuring procedures are also defined with those the special characteristics of the semiconductor light sources are described and the limited measuring possibilities during their production are taken into consideration. This standard is not concerned with semiconductor emitters for coherent optical radiation (laser) and also not with limits for the evaluation of radiation safety. However, it can and should be used insofar as the operation, orientation and measuring procedures for the values of optical characteristics are generally concerned. This standard does not apply to lighting produced with the aid of semiconductor light sources. The characteristics of semiconductor light sources largely differ from those of filament, halogen and discharge lamps. Their operation and measurement of their optical characteristics require definition of additional terms and indicate of special measuring conditions and measured variables. These additions and their differentiation from existing information and definitions are specified in this standard. This document has been prepared by Working Committee NA 058-00-03 AA "Photometrie" ("Photometry") of DIN Standards Committee Lighting Technology (FNL).

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NA 058-00-03 AA - Photometry  

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