NA 058

DIN Standards Committee Lighting Technology

Technical rule [Withdrawn]

DIN SPEC 67600
Biologically effective illumination - Design guidelines

Title (German)

Biologisch wirksame Beleuchtung - Planungsempfehlungen


Technical Report


This Technical Report (DIN SPEC 67600) has been prepared by Working Committee NA 058-00-27 AA "Wirkung des Lichts auf den Menschen" ("Effect of light on human beings") of the Lighting Technology Standards Committee (FNL) at DIN in accordance with the Technical Report procedure. This document provides design guidelines for habitats that could be either workplaces or non-workplaces. Those areas in which the options for use could overlap or mix are also included.

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NA 058-00-27 AA - Effect of light on human beings  

Edition 2013-04
Original language German
Translation English
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