NA 058

DIN Standards Committee Lighting Technology

CEN/TC 169/WG 15
Assessment and control of obtrusive light in outdoor spaces

This working group describes simplified conventional calculation and measuring methods for evaluating • a very small-scale lighting installations; • the upper hemisphere average emission (ratio of); • the light intensity to the upper hemisphere; • the relationship between upward luminous flux not intercepted by the structure to be illuminated and the total nominal luminous flux emitted by the lighting system (Rfd), and relevant comprehensive calculation methods, derived from CIE 150:2017 (additional to Rfd); • the average luminance on the vertical surface to be illuminated; • the intrusive light (light trespass) to adjacent areas; • the spectral component of the light (G factor); • the luminous flux (dimming). The above methods are intended to predict the obtrusive light in outdoor spaces of a lighting system at the design stage and also could be used to evaluate the of obtrusive light in outdoor spaces of actual lighting installation as well. This working group also considers contents of CIE 001-1980 Guidelines for minimizing urban sky glow near astronomical observatories and outcomes from CIE TC 2-95 “measurements of obtrusive light and sky glow”

National mirror committee of CEN/TC 169/WG 15

Committee ID Name
NA 058-00-11 AA FNL/FGSV 3.02 Exterior lighting