NA 058

DIN Standards Committee Lighting Technology

CEN/TC 169/WG 12
Joint Working Group with CEN/TC 226 - Road lighting

This working group specifies lighting requirements for all classes of roads and road users which meet the needs of visual performance, comfort and safety. It gives lighting values in terms of luminance, illuminance, uniformity, glare restrictions and the colour properties of the light sources to design and control road lighting installations and methods to calculate and measure these values. The working group also provides details on how to measure and control the energy efficiency of road lighting installations. This working group does not consider or set lighting specifications for the lighting of tunnels and underpasses on or under roads.

National mirror committee of CEN/TC 169/WG 12

Committee ID Name
NA 058-00-11 AA FNL/FGSV 3.02 Exterior lighting