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Introduction to colorimetric principles for quality management


When color data and color evaluations are transmitted, there should be a uniform understanding of the values exchanged. For the products supplied, for example, quality management between suppliers and customers requires a uniform evaluation of the colorimetric figures of the products supplied and the accuracy or significance of these figures. In the first part, this document summarizes the knowledge on color measurement and its evaluation, which is scattered over various areas of standards, with regard to the agreement of color tolerances. In the second part, practical application-related advice is presented. These range from sample preparation to suitable measurement procedures and data evaluation.



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DIN/TS 5020

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NA 025-00-02 GA - Joint working committee FNF/FNL: Colorimetry  

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Verfahren zur Vereinbarung von Farbtoleranzen

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Introduction to colorimetric principles for quality management

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