NA 067

DIN Standards Committee Fasteners

ISO/TC 2/SC 14
Surface coatings

Standardization of surface coatings and finishes for fasteners and related test methods, such as:

  • electroplated coatings (zinc, zinc-nickel, zinc-iron, etc.)
  • non-electrolytically applied coatings (zinc flake coatings, hot dip galvanized coatings, mechanical plating, etc.)
  • finishes (conversion coatings, sealants, topcoats, lubricants for torque-clamp force relationship, etc.)
  • functional properties (corrosion resistance, hydrogen embrittlement testing, thread gaugeability, electrical insulation/conductivity, etc.)
  • pre-applied adhesives for locking features
  • other technical supporting documents (hydrogen embrittlement, coating process assessment, etc.)

National mirror committee of ISO/TC 2/SC 14

Committee ID Name
NA 067-00-06 AA Surface coatings of fasteners