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Drafts of NA 021

Number: 41

DIN EN ISO 13520 2023-01 Determination of ferrite content in austenitic stainless steel castings (ISO/FDIS 13520:2022); German and English version prEN ISO 13520:2022 More 
DIN EN 10270-1 2022-08 Steel wire for mechanical springs - Part 1: Patented cold drawn unalloyed spring steel wire; German and English version prEN 10270-1:2022 More 
DIN EN 10051 2022-08 Continuously hot-rolled strip and plate/sheet cut from wide strip of non-alloy and alloy steels - Tolerances on dimensions and shape; German and English version prEN 10051:2022 More 
DIN EN 10209 2022-07 Cold rolled low carbon steel flat products for vitreous enamelling - Technical delivery conditions; German and English version prEN 10209:2022 More 
DIN EN 10359 2022-07 Laser welded tailored blanks - Technical delivery conditions; German and English version prEN 10359:2022 More 
DIN EN IEC 60404-8-1; VDE 0354-8-1:2022-05 2022-05 Magnetic materials - Part 8-1: Specifications for individual materials - Magnetically hard materials (IEC 68/688/CD:2021); Text in German and English More 
DIN EN ISO 683-17 2022-05 Heat-treatable steels, alloy steels and free-cutting steels - Part 17: Ball and roller bearing steels (ISO/DIS 683-17:2022); German and English version prEN ISO 683-17:2022 More 
DIN EN 10305-3 2022-04 Steel tubes for precision applications - Technical delivery conditions - Part 3: Welded cold sized tubes; German and English version prEN 10305-3:2022 More 
DIN EN 10025-6/A1 2022-04 Hot rolled products of structural steels - Part 6: Technical delivery conditions for flat products of high yield strength structural steels in the quenched and tempered condition; German and English version EN 10025-6:2019/prA1:2022 More 
DIN EN 10025-4/A1 2022-04 Hot rolled products of structural steels - Part 4: Technical delivery conditions for thermomechanical rolled weldable fine grain structural steels; German and English version EN 10025-4:2019/prA1:2022 More