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DIN VDE V 0831-102; VDE V 0831-102:2013-12
Electric signalling systems for railways - Part 102: Protection profile for technical functions in railway signalling

Title (German)

Elektrische Bahn-Signalanlagen - Teil 102: Schutzprofil für technische Funktionen in der Eisenbahnsignaltechnik




This pre-standard defines requirements which are suitable to ensure that the risk of threats coming from malicous attacks to electric railway signalling systems using public networks, are broadly acceptable. It provides a structured description of underlying assumptions for these requirements. The requirements refer to the development, operation and procurement of IT systems in electrical, electronic and programmable electronic railway signalling systems. This pre-standard is applicable to electric, electronic and programmable electronic systems (E/E/PES including sub-systems and equipment) for railway signalling applications. The responsible committee is Subcommittee UK 351.3 "Bahn-Signalanlagen" ("Signalling systems for railways") of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

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Responsible national committee

DKE/UK 351.3 - Bahn-Signalanlagen 

Edition 2013-12
Original language German
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